What information do I need to provide?

When submitting a ticket for account help you must provide detailed information about your lost accounts, information such as the last time you played, character names, levels, classes, etc is very helpful.


If you currently have an active account please add it to the description as well for faster verification.


Quick guideline of helpful information that should be added to the description to speed up the processing of your ticket:

  • Last time played
  • Are any of the accounts banned?
  • Character names, levels, classes (as much as you remember)
  • Approximate registration date
  • Currently active accounts


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    ihsan al-fairuz akbar

    the currently account means we need to tell you the username and password or just the nickname (name in the game) ?

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    can help me id 


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    can you help me dude i send my info 5 day ago i forgot my password and email


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